D. Batcheldor

The Astronomy Group at Florida Tech is concerned with observational and theoretical studies of stars and extragalactic jets, and hypermassive black holes. The stellar studies are the focus of Drs. Oswalt and Wood. Drs. Batcheldor and Perlman lead the extragalactic effort. Dr. Oluseyi has interests ranging from solar/stellar atmospheres, to cosmology, to CCD device physics. More detailed descriptions of individual faculty member's active research projects can be found under our home page links above or below.

The Olin Physical Sciences Center is topped with the Ortega 0.8-m telescope - the largest research telescope in the state.

Florida Tech is the lead member of the Southeastern Association for Research in Astronomy (SARA), which consists of 10 universities primarily in the southeastern United States. SARA has recommissioned a 0.9-m telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory near Tucson, Arizona for CCD imaging and photometry. The SARA Observatory is typically accessed and controlled remotely over the Internet. We are currently working to refurbish a 0.6-m telescope at CTIO in Chile.

Summer internships are available through the SARA Research Experiences for Undergraduates Site Program, funded by the NSF. Follow the link above for details.

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Daniel Batcheldor
Hakeem Oluseyi
Terry Oswalt
Eric Perlman

Matt Wood

Hypermassive black holes
Solar/stellar atmospheres, device physics
White dwarf stars: Chromospheric Activity
Multiwavelength studies of extragalactic jets; cosmology
Hot white dwarf stars; stellar atmospheres
Cataclysmic variables; Hydrodynamics; White dwarf stars

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Astronomy & Astrophysics Group
Department of Physics and Space Sciences
Florida Institute of Technology
Melbourne, FL 32901
Tel: (321) 674-8098
Fax: (321) 674-7482

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